£72 Rabbit Starter Package

Rabbit Starter Package For Only £72!

NOW ONLY £72.00 Rabbit starter Package

Save, Save, Save off the price of items purchased separately

An unbeatable Rabbit package includes all the following:

  • Welcome Pack
  • Full Health exam by Vet
  • *NEW Triple Protection Vaccine* Myxomatosis + Viral Haemorrhagic Disease Vaccination (RHDV-1 + RHDV-2)
  • Four weeks free insurance from Pet Plan
  • Microchip identity implant
  • 15% off neutering
  • Sample bag of food
  • Rabbit Treat

Terms and Conditions

£72.00 Rabbit Packages

  • No cash alternatives are available.
  • No alternatives for food (Burgess Excel) or insurance (Pet Plan) will be offered.
  • We accept no responsibility for the cost of illness or injury if the Four weeks free insurance cover note is declined.
  • No refund will be given for any items listed as part of the package that are not taken.
  • Any appointments with the vet for unrelated treatment will incur standard charges.
  • Minimum age to start the rabbit package is FIVE weeks old.
  • There is no maximum age to start the rabbit package.
  • There is no maximum age to have the rabbit neutered.
  • We do not accept any liability for any accident or injury caused by the toy provided.
  • Any medications or preventative treatments given or requested at follow up appointments (with vet or nurse) will incur additional cost (e.g. repeat vaccines).